Muhammad’s Funeral

The Day of Muhammad’s Funeral

This has been the daily situation every day in East Jerusalem and other occupied areas since Muhammad Abu Khdeir had been found burned alive in the Jerusalem forest. The killing of Muhammad was as retaliation for the murder of the three Isreali settlers.

These photos were taken on Friday the fourth of July, the day of Muhammad’s funeral.

©Alaa Ghosheh, Jerusalem 2014


Author: Alaa Ghosheh

Alaa Ghosheh is a 30-year old photographer born within the walls of the old city in Jerusalem. He holds a BA in Media and Communications from Birzeit University, Palestine. During his studies he started off working as a freelance photographer as well as for various local news agencies. Professional photographer with over 7 years of experience in photography, communications, digital media and archiving. Particular focus on the UN system and working with refugee communities in the Middle East region. Fluent in English and Arabic (mother tongue) with advanced communication and intercultural skills. Currently based in Athens, Greece and available for short or long term contracts, both in Europe and globally.

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